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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Immature Women

So there is this girl at work named D who I used to be good friends with. She is about 2-3 yrs older than me, but granted I am a lot more mature than her. She just got married to one of the guys we also work with. First of all, we had a falling out about a month ago because I was tired of the way she treated people (especially the ones we worked with.) She is the bitchest girl there and runs around the restaurant being evil to people.

So about 2 weeks ago, she started to befriend another girl we work with named C. Well all of a sudden D and C were "best friends". It's funny because D has never made it a point to talk to C about anything other than work related topics. D was getting married about a beach but could only invite a certain amount of people because of the cost. All of a sudden, C is invited to the wedding and C has even made herself the maid of honor! Those two were always running around talking about wedding plans and such. Then one day C decides to throw D a wedding shower a few days before the big day. To be really ghetto and cheap, they write the invitations on INDEX cards! (Seriously, they could have went to Wal-Mart or the dollar store and bought some blank invitations.) Not only that but on the invitation, they wrote "Bring money or a gift!" Who writes that on an invitation!?!?!? Of course, my other friends from work and I did not receive this expensive invitation. (though I did not care because who wants to go to a shower that is requesting your money or gifts?!)

So for the next few days before the shower, they pretty much begged people to come. They would also try to make it a point to be loud and talk about the event when my friends and I were around. All I could do was laugh at their dumba$$e$. They really actually thought this bothered us. D finally got married and has come back from her honeymoon. Now all she can talk about is who is coming to her son's birthday party this week. I just can't stand girls who try to act like the world revolves around them. She is that girl who gets mad if you're friends with someone she doesn't like. She tries to brainwash the rest of our coworkers who are new and tell them not to talk to us. I mean what grade are we in?!? How childish and immature she is and all I can do is laugh. She is trying so hard to make us look bad, but she is actually the one looking like a retard.


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