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Monday, July 18, 2005

Infamous Shift at Outback

Outback is said to be one of the best restaurants to work at in Fayetteville, NC. (Or so you'd think...) Last night was maybe one of the worst shifts I have ever worked. First of all, waiting tables is not going to be my obvious career (even though it is for HALF of the staff I work with). So it really pisses me off when I get a table who thinks they can treat me like I am just some dumb waitress. Little do they know that I am going on my last year of college, graduating with honors in public relations, and ONLY working there til the day I get that dipolma in my hands. Second, I can't stand half the people I work with. Some of these people LOVE to bring drama into the restaurant and of course, drag you into it also. I mean some of these people take their job just a little too seriously! I just go in to make my money & BOUNCE!

So back to last night (I seem to be getting into a whole other story!) My very first table was a party of six and I assumed 'Hey, the shift seems to be starting off okay. I can work this table and get a good tip off the bat.' Little did I know that as soon I as introduced myself, this table was already getting on my nerves! The women were so bossy and rude. They also ran me ragged! Their bill was $97.70 (and because they were not a party of 8 or more, I could not add a grat...I prayed 2 more people would show up!) I guessed maybe I would get $5.00 off of them, but in reality I got...NOTHING!! Can you believe that?!!? I mean I make $2.13 a hour and I have to pay tipshare to the bussers, bartenders, and hostesses. I was livid!

This table started a horrible streak for the night. I had all kinds of crappy tables, men old enough to be my grandfather who harass you, other bossy women, and messy impatient children. I even had some guests telling me how to do my job! I mean seriously, if I didn't know what I was doing I am sure Outback would have fired me by now. These guests think I have 8 arms or something and can do everything at once! They didn't give me the second it takes to go get that pitcher of sweet tea to refill their glass. I was so relieved when I was finally cut. My bones ached and all I wanted was a drink!

I can't wait to graduate and get that "real world" job. I don't think I can deal much longer!


  • At 12:57 PM, Blogger Sara said…

    Tasha don't you put up with any shit girl :-)

    I can't stand when people treat servers poorly. It's like when they don't tip because the food came out prepared incorrectly. It's not the server's fault. It's the kitchens.

    You'll be in the 'real world' soon enough ;-)


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