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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas is Getting Ridiculous

On my way to school this morning, I noticed gas is now $3.01! This is getting ridiculous! My car usually would fill up with $20, but now it's costing me $30-35. Being a student and not having a real job, I cannot afford to be putting gas in my car every week like I do. It sucks because I can't help doing all the driving that I do. I commute to school, which is about 30 miles from my house. So that is 60 miles a day just to go to school, then I go to work. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to get into town. Then I also have errands, if any. I am glad I don't own a SUV. I would be dishing out $60-$70 a week!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I have a dilemma. Boyfriend and I decided a while back that we want to move to NYC in a few years (4 years max). Well he graduated this summer and he got a job as an insurance agent. Now he is buying this house. Of course, I am happy for him. I am a supportive girlfriend. Well I did not plan on staying in Fayetteville once I graduated. I wanted to move to a bigger city in NC, like Raleigh. The jobs here are horrible unless you're in the military or working at the hospital. So, Boyfriend asked me if I would stay here in Fayetteville with him until we decide to move to NYC. I know we're not married or engaged, but we have talked about it. Boyfriend and I had a conversation a few weeks ago, and he said "I am trying to get situated with this job and buying this house...then I will get you a ring..."

I don't know if I should stay here and compromise my life. Or should I go and moved to another town and get a better job. I don't mind doing the long distance thing for a while, but how long is a while? What if I get a really good job and I don't want to come back to Fayetteville? What if I stay and he decides he wants to stay in Fayetteville and never go to NYC? Should I start my life with Boyfriend now or wait until I get that ring?

I feel like I am worrying about this too early, but when I think about it, it's not too early. I am going to be sending out my resume soon and job searching. I need to know where I am going to be. I have all these questions and what ifs running through my head. Would I be stupid to stay (for a guy) or am I selfish if I go?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The VMAs

Tonight the VMAs were definitely different...yes I guess that is the word I am looking for. First, Diddy was not a good host in my opinion. He made that show all about him. I liked it so much better when they used to have hosts that were funny, like Chris Rock or someone. Diddy was just showing off how much money he has...which don't get me wrong, I am not hating on him. I just was a little tired of seeing so much of him after 30 min. I also wish I could have been that guy Diddy gave his watch (probably worth a million dollars) to.

Then, what was up with MC Hammer performing!?!?! I'm at a loss for words.

Moving along, I felt like I was watching the Source Awards when Fat Joe and 50 Cent were beefing. I mean come on people! We're all adults. They were just cursing and all kinds of stuff. I mean really...

Snoop Dog was being way greedy when he won the $100,000 for his charity...Yeah, it ended up being for his youth football team...I don't really think that's what Diddy wanted you to do with the money, Snoop...

The WORST performance in VMA history had to be R.Kelly! What were they thinking?!?! Not only did he give the next chapter to his "Closet" series, BUT he acted all the parts out himself!!! And he wasn't even really singing! He was lip syncing!

Kelly Clarkson's performance at the end of the show started off good, then BAM! She started screaming into the microphone and was starting to get hoarse. I thought I also saw her fall, but the cameras were tricky and made it look like she just jump into the crowd. I saw you, fell.

Props to Green Day for winning so many awards. I am not a HUGE fan, but they're okay.

"So long and goodnight..." -My Chemical Romance

Friday, August 26, 2005

Just a Lil Something to Brighten Your Friday

I know I have been a little slack on writing a post but I have just been so busy with school! Can you believe it's only the 2nd week and I have a 4page paper and a test all on Tuesday?!?! I know it's my senior year and I would be doing a lot, but damn! Now on a lighter note, I want to talk about mullets today.

In one of my classes, there is a lady who sits adjcent to me and she has one of the WORST mullets I have EVER seen! She is Native American, so her hair is really thick and coarse. She also looks a little on the manly side. She is built kind of husky and she wears mechanic outfits and shirts to class. It's disgusting! Sometimes when I want to tune the professor out, I just stare at this lady's mullet. It just amazes me. Who came up with this hairstyle? They should be exiled. Did she think this was a good look for her? I would never ask, because that is just rude. Did she think people were going to take her more seriously with that haircut? Does it make her feel sexy? Cause I hate to break it to her, but it doesn't make her LOOK sexy...

Maybe next class I can sneak out my camera phone and take a snapshot of it. I'll definitely post it if I end up pulling it off without this woman noticing.

But for your entertainment and a smile put on your face just check out this website on mullets....Just go under classifications and it will let you know all the different types of mullet specimen...Happy Friday!

Monday, August 22, 2005

So today I was meeting a friend, K, at Wal-Mart to look for some supplies for this club we're in together. We got to Wal-Mart and bought what we needed. We then headed over to Michael's, which I don't know if you know but it's a craft store.

K was driving in front of me and on our way to Michael's, a woman brakes in front of K. K slams on breaks, but manuvers her car a little to the right so she doesn't hit this lady. When I noticed K slammed on brakes, I slammed on mine but rear-ended K. K's car only had some scatches, but mine car got it the worst.

As you can see,my hood is dented and one of my headlights is loose. I also have scatches all over my front bumper. I am sooo pissed, because I already have 2 other accidents on my insurance. My parents are, of course, pissed off. We didn't file a police report, so my insurance went sky rocket any more than it already is. I am just going to pay for her damages, which won't be much. Now right after the accident, I went a got an estimate on my car. It is going to cost me $2200 to fix it!!! I am so livid!! Could I please win the lottery?!?!

I was planning a trip to Miami in October and that is definitely going to have to be cancelled... *insert sad face*

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Starting Back

So the semester started on Thursday and I am already swamped with homework and studying. I also have a test in a week!! I thought my senior year would be a breeze, but I was dead wrong! I am going to have so much going on with my classes. I'm already dreading it...

On a lighter note, it IS my senior year and I graduate in 9 months!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Last day of summer

So today is the last day of my summer vacation (probably forever) and tomorrow I start classes. I am so sad to see the summer go, but I can't wait to get on with my senior year of college. Hopefully, by the time I graduate I'll have a job lined up and I start making some real money. Hopefully.

Anyway, I'm gonna miss being able to wake up whenever I want in the morning and going out friends during the week. (I know that sounds geeky but I really don't like to hit bars during the week anymore...I learned my freshman and sophmore year that it gets me into trouble.) I'm going to miss all my friends who came back home for the summer.

I can't believe the summer vaca went by so fast. It feels as it I just finished finals last week. I'm definitely going to miss laying out by my pool sipping some margaritas and making random trips to the beach. Overall, it was a great summer, had one of the best birthdays in July, visited UGA and met some great people there through, and had good times on the shore.

I will miss you summer...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Super Sweet 16

So I don't know if any of you caught the MTV show My Super Sweet 16. It aired right after Laguna Beach, so I just ended up watching it. First, I want to say Sofia (the girl who's b-day it was) was the most annoying, unmannered teenager I had ever seen. She was bitching out her mother in public and being such a drama queen. Her mom just sat there and took all the verbal abuse too. I know if I had talked to my mom (or dad) the way Sofia did, I would be getting my a$$ kicked AND my birthday party would probably be cancelled. My parents just don't play being disrespected...especially in public.

On top of all that, Sofia got a brand new Audi! During the episode, her mom said the party cost almost $500,000!! WTF!? Talk about being spoiled....then again, I guess if my family could afford a sweet 16 b-day party like that I'd want it too. But it just sounds a little outrageous!

What do you think?

Monday, August 15, 2005

A Visit to the Doc

I just want to know why is it when you go to the doctor, you end up sitting in the patient room for the longest time! Let me start by telling you, I hurt my wrist at work carrying some heavy trays so I went to the doctor today to see if it was anything major. My appointment was scheduled for 2:45 p.m. I got there a little early so that I could maybe get in a few minutes ahead.

The nurse did not call me back til five after 3. She takes me to the lab, where of course, you have to find out how much you weigh, your blood pressure, etc. She finally takes me to an examination room. I sit there for about 20 minutes and the nurse comes back and says the doctor wants to run a pregnancy test before I go in to go x-rays. I give her this look because I know I am not pregnant, but whatever, it's probably procedure. I come back to the examination room and wait like 45 minutes before the nurse comes back to take me to the x-ray room. That took like 5 minutes, so I go back into my room and she says the doctor will be in shortly.

I wait almost an hour and I am so highly irritated at this point, I am about to go out and see how much longer I have to wait. I know the doctor has other patients, but then why schedule so many appointments at once! Just as I am about to get out of my chair, the doc walks in. He's like "So I hear you're having some pain in your wrist." I'm like "Yeah..." and he squeezes down on it! Ouch!!!! The he is like "well did the nurse take of picture of it?" I look at him like "Is he serious??" I just been sitting in this room an hour since my x-ray and he doesn't even know if I had one?!?!? So I am like "Yeah..." He is like "ok I'll be right back."

Another 25 minutes later, he comes back and tells me he doesn't see any fractures and that he is not sure why it is hurting. He gives me a splint, give me 500mg of Tylenol, and tells me to come back in 2 weeks.

Can you believe this?!?!? I was in this doctor's office for over 3 hours for him to give me Tylenol and a splint!!!! After my check up in 2 weeks, never again will I go back there.

I just don't understand what these doctors do the whole time. The office wasn't busy and it was dead quiet except for the oldies music playing throughout the building. Why schedule appointments so close together if they know it is going to take them a while?
I just want to say I finished Harry Potter Book 4 last night and it is my favorite to date! I know I am behind everyone else...I don't know who dies in Book 6 (don't tell) but I will get there soon. The last few chapters of Book 4 were awesome! I stayed up til I finished the book. It's a crime to just stop when it's getting good!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Skeleton Key

Last night I went to see the movie The Skeleton Key starring Kate Hudson. Before going to see the movie, I didn't know too much about it...all I knew was that it was some scary movie (supposedly.) I walked into the theatre just a few minutes after the film actually started. So my friend asked the couple next to us to fill us in on what happened in the beginning. After getting the intro to the movie, we sat and waited for something scary to happen. I swear we were probably almost an hour into the movie and nothing was happening! I was starting to get irritated because I paid $8.00 plus some popcorn to see this "scary movie" and I was NOT being scared! I don't want to give away how the movie turns out, but all I have to say is that it was just weird. Yep, weird is the best word to explain this movie. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone unless you want to Netflix it (which is what I should have done.)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Update on the Triangle

So I know I haven't been up to date on the situation with me, Boyfriend, and Cynthia. Like I said in the previous post, I believed what Boyfriend said and we made up. It just so happened that Sunday night (the same night Boyfriend and I had "the talk") Cynthia finally called me to talk to me about the situation. Before I flipped out on her on the phone, I listened to what she had to say. Her story matched Boyfriend's story. (which put me at ease) After she apologized, I finally told her what I thought.

I told her I don't want to see her or hear anything about her. I also told her that if Boyfriend was being flirty, she should not have been flirty back. She is suppose to be a friend and she should have put him in his place. I believe Cynthia wanted something to happen between them, for she has always made it known she thought he was hot. Cynthia did not have much to say to my comment because she knew I was right.

As of now, Boyfriend and I are wondeful and I have not talked to Cynthia since our phone conversation. She has talked to a mutual friend and says she is sad that our friendship has changed. Ummm...what did she expect? For me to forget it and us be "buddy-buddy." I mean really...

In the end, Cynthia looks like the idiot because even though she might have wanted something to happen with Boyfriend, he still comes back to me.

(Note: The third girl in this pic might look happy, but in reality she is just putting on a show for Boyfriend and I enjoying our cocktails in the background. She is actually disappointed she's not me! Hahaha!)

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Talk

So I went to Boyfriend's house last night and had "the talk." I was soo nervous and scared because I wanted it to all be false. Boyfriend and I's relationship has been better than ever since the end of June. (Note: We were going through some major problems in May.) Anyway, so I get to his house and I wait for him to unpack and get settled. He sits on the couch with me and asks how my weekend was. I tell him it was good until I got the news about this situation. He knows it's coming now...

So I asked him what happened and to tell me everything. Boyfriend said that nothing happend with him and Cynthia. He didn't know why she was going around telling people this lie. He did say that he did go into the restaurant with his friend Aaron (who by the way I loathe...especially now) when they were drunk and that he did talk to Cynthia. He said he did flirt with her but that she was flirty back. Other than that, nothing happened and she never came over to his house. (She actually said she never was at his house either...said she didn't know where Boyfriend even lived.) Boyfriend apologized for going to the restaurant and being flirty with her. He did say this happened in May when we were going through some tough times and was on the verge of breaking up. (It's no excuse because I did not do anything of the sort whenever we were at that point, but it does help the situation a little.) I would have been even more hurt and pissed if I knew this happened after we worked everything out.

I am going to believe Boyfriend on this because he has always been truthful with me (from what I know) and I never suspected any foul play with him. I don't want to be that girl that ALWAYS believes her boyfriend and looks like a fool in the end. I hate THAT girl. But in this situation, I guess I am that girl. I just hope later on I am not putting my foot in my mouth...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Could Be the Worst Night of my Life

Last night was supposed to be a night out with the girls at a new bar opening in town. No harm done right? WRONG! Get ready this is going to be a long post....

I picked up my friend Ashley from her house and headed out to met up with my other girlfriends at the bar. We were all having a good time and some guys that we worked with even showed up. (Side note: Boyfriend is in Tenn. this weekend for a seminar.) Another girl I used to work with named Cynthia was suppose to meet Ashely and I whenever she got off of work. Ashley had been telling me all week that Cynthia really needed to talk to me about something. I'm thinking "Wow, I hope everything is ok with her" blah blah blah.

On the way to the restroom, I run into another girl named Tiffany who I also used to work with (at the same restaurant where I worked with Cynthia) with her boyfriend. I hadn't seen her in a while so we caught up on some things and into our convo she says she was disappointed to find out what happened between me, Boyfriend, and Cynthia. I had no idea what she was talking about. Tiffany ended up telling me that Cynthia was telling people her and Boyfriend had "hooked up" at his house. (Note: "Hooked up" to me is not's kissing, some touching, whatever...just anything other than sex.) I am in shock at this point and ready to kill someone. Tiffany apologized for spilling the beans because she thought I knew about the situation. I obviously did not!

I go back outside to the patio area where we were all hanging out. I asked Ashley if this was what Cynthia had to talk to me about. Ashley was reluctant to say anything because she felt this was not her place to tell me. She felt I should hear everything from Cynthia. I started flipping out and yelling that Ashley did actually confirm the story. By this point, if I see Cynthia walk through the doors I would end up knocking her out. I am so livid that I am shaking and steam is coming out of my ears. I pick up the phone to call Boyfriend and Ashley convinces me to wait and see if Cynthia shows up and to talk to her first. I wait a good ONE MINUTE and I finally call Boyfriend. Boyfriend denies hooking up with Cynthia and says he doesn't know why she is saying these things. (Typically boy answer to a situation like this.) He swears he has never cheated on me. (Though he did make that phone call once....see that post here.)

At this point I have no idea what to think. I can't tell if Boyfriend is lying to me because I can't see his face and I don't know if Cynthia is lying because she has yet to talk to me about the situation. Cynthia has always been a girl to stretch the truth and exaggerate a little. She has always made it known that she thought Boyfriend was hot and that he was such a good guy. I also considered her a friend and would never think she would do anything to ruin our friendship or my relationship with Boyfriend. My friends that know the situation don't think that Boyfriend did this. Boyfriend comes home tonight and he knows what to expect when I get to his house. I deserve an explaination. If this is true, I want to talk to Cynthia, ask her what Boyfriend's house/room looks like, and if she can tell me I have to think there is truth to the story. If she can't, I don't think there is. I want to believe Boyfriend and just squash this situation, but I have been in other relationships where the man has cheated. I usually sensed something was going on, but this time I didn't. I'm just not going to be played like a fool and I wish this is all just one big nightmare.

I'll have to post back the convo I have with Boyfriend tonight....Who knows it could be the end of us...

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Cheese State visits Carolina

One of my girlfriends from Wisconsion came to visit this week. It was HELL getting up at 4 a.m. this morning to take her to the airport. Now North Carolina is an okay place to visit if you go to the right areas, such as Raleigh, Wilmington, Greenville, Charlotte, etc. but I warned Jess about Fayetteville. Fayetteville is full of little children, high schoolers, and army men. On top of that there isn't much to do here. But Jess insisted on coming anyways (I guess it's better than summer in the cheese state.) I took Jess to BW3's and met up with some coworkers. We had a great time drinking and just talking about all the crazy things (and people that work with us) that happen to us at work.

The next night we went to Spirits (a cute lil bar we all usually go to with cheap drinks). We had a good time and got a little too wasted, but hey it was vacation (for me and her...) After drinking just a little too much, drama had to find its way into the group. My friend Jodi slept with our manager a few times a couple of months ago and it just so happened now another girl we all work with, Shannon, slept with him. Dan, our manager, was also at Spirits. Jodi and Shannon pretty much were getting into it (but trying to be on the down low with the situation.) Only a few of us know about the whole situation on both their parts. But it didn't work. We were all brought into the convo. Dan doesn't even know any of us know he is a predator. I felt bad for Jess because here is my friend who flew miles to visit and she now has to deal with this drama too.

(All the girls PRE-drama Notice in both pics: Jodi & Shannon are all tight and close)

All-in-all, Jess and I had a great time while she was here. She had the chance to eat at places she had never even been (Coldstone, Chick-fil-a) and meet some dramatic girls who tend to get a bit much when alcohol is involved. I'm sure Jess will come back again (I don't think she was scared off) and when she does maybe she'll bring some cheese...j/k =)