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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Old Flame Stikes Again!

Old Flame is back to his tricks again. (See previous post here) Old Flame always come in and out of my life whenever he feels the need. Usually pops in whenever he knows I am happy and doing great. That also means whenever I am in a relationship with someone or casually seeing someone. NEVER does he come around whenever I am single and alone. That would just be too easy.

So over Thanksgiving break, he comes into town. I run into him at a mutal friend's house. I don't really speak to him...just the casual 'hi' and 'goodbye'. Well that doesn't seem to be enough for him. Old Flame decides he wants me back in his life. He KNOWS I am seeing HotBoston but he doesn't care. Here is the convo we had on text messaging. He couldn't even talk to me in person about this.

Old Flame: Leave HotBoston and be with me
Me: Why? You ALWAYS do this!! Everytime I am with someone you do this! Why do you even want to be with me?!
Old Flame: Just a feelin I have
Me: You always try to suck me back in whenever I am over the whole situation
Old Flame: What do I have to do? I am more mature now and I know what I want
Me: I don't know. I like HotBoston & he treats me better than you ever did and he isn't even my boyfriend!
Old Flame: Well think about it...

What I am I suppose to think about this!!?!? I hate him for always putting me in this situation. He knows I have a weakness for him and he plays on it. I need to be strong this time. Hopefully, having the time of my life with HotBoston will help me.


  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger B said…


    Guys NEVERRRRRRRRRR change!!! I'm in this exact situation right now so I feel your pain! They pretend they change but they never do!!


  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger Manolos R My Life said…

    Be strong! No matter how much they think they have changed, they never do! Stay with HotBoston.


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