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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I just had one of the best weekends in a long time! HotBoston and I took advantage of the holiday weekend. We wined and dined, rented a movie, and just enjoyed each other's company. HotBoston also took me golfing for the first time. I always thought golf was one of the most boring sports ever, but it was actually pretty fun. I didn't even know how to "properly" hold the clubs, so HotBoston had to "show" me how to do it. Very sexy! He also made me french toast for breakfast (one of my favs) and made me feel like a total princess. I just love that new relationship feeling! It's so refreshing.

And to answer some questions that were brought up in my previous post, I no longer am stressing about the "G" word. HotBoston brought it up on his own. He casually threw the word out there, in front of me, to his buddies. I guess that settles that.'s the second week into the LAST semester of my college career. I am very excited about this semester's line up. I am most excited about my Public Relations Campaigns class. We're taking on the local Boys & Girls Club as our client and coming up with a whole campaign for them. I'm also crossing my fingers on a possible internship with the March of Dimes this semester as well. It looks pretty promising, but we'll see.

I can't believe that in a short few months I can going to be let loose into the real world. I am finishing up some last minute touches on my resume and sending them out to agencies within the next week. It's all so scary and exciting at the same time!

Speaking of scary, I have TONS of work to start on so I must get to it!


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