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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Meets the Parents! EEk!

Sooo tonight HotBoston is meeting the parentals!! Scary! Only reason why I say this is because they're still hung up on ExBoyfriend. They keep hoping and praying we'll get back together but it ain't happening!

HotBoston is totally nervous! He's even making some appetizers and bringing them over to the house. Hopefully dinner won't be akward. My dad is always trying to come off all protective and stuff. Sometimes it's seriously annoying and rude. I told him to be on his best behavior. I am not worried about my mom too much. She's usually the easy one.

I think HotBoston will be fine. They'll see what a wonderful guy he is and love him! (hopefully) Wait, I know they will...

I'll keep you updated.


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